Hawaii Kai Kitchen

Traditional Korean Kimchi

Hawaii Kai Corporation

5 cups Hawaii Kai White Silver Sea Salt
5 cabbages
2 radishes
5 cloves garlic
4 green onions
1 bundle dropwort
3 ginger roots
300g (10.5 ounces) mustard leaves
.5 cup (one-half) fish paste
2 cups red chili pepper
1 cup sticky rice paste
2 cups sugar
2 cups oysters

Clean cabbages, cut into 2 or 4 pieces
Prepare salted water with ratio of 2 cups of salt per 10 cups of water, soak cabbages in it for 6-8 hours
Rinse soaked cabbages in running water only 1 time (rather than 3 times) and wait for them to dry. (Note: It is recommended that less salt be used and to rinse the cabbage only ONCE. This retains more vitamins and minerals in cabbage and requires less salt to be used.)
Cut dropwort, green onions, and radishes into lengths of 2 inches, then chop garlic and ginger
Prepare fish paste and add red chili pepper to it with sticky rice paste
Wash oysters in Hawaii Kai White Silver Sea Salt water
Mix ingredients from steps 4, 5, 6
Put mixture inside each leaf, then store in kimchi pot. On the top, cover cabbage with leaf and sprinkle some Hawaii Kai White Silver Sea Salt
Place heavy stone on top to compress.

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