Palm Island® Premium

Hawaii Kai Corporation

Authentic Hawaiian Sea Salts offered in ten extraordinary gourmet varietals.

Not pictured: Smoked Apple Wood sea salt, which contains Apple wood smoke; this varietal is only available wholesale.

Unlike some specialty salts, which are mined from land deposits, Palm Island Premium begins with freshly harvested all-natural sea salt. We then blend it in a proprietary formula with our incomparable Soul of the Sea salt, locking in the natural flavor complexities, electrolytes, and trace minerals for the perfect balance of color, moisture, and superb taste.

Palm Island Premium varietals contain no artificial flavors, colors, or additives, are all Gluten free and non-GMO. We create them by bonding to our foundational Palm Island Premium White Silver sea salt only the best all-natural ingredients to yield the finest array of gourmet sea salts available anywhere:

Red Gold contains legendary Hawaiian Red Alae, volcanic clay hand-selected for quality and purity • Black Lava contains premium activated Coconut Shell charcoal • Molokai Coffee contains authentic Molokai-grown coffee • Bamboo Jade contains organically grown, wild-harvested Bamboo Leaf extract • Smoked Alder-Hickory contains Alder and Hickory wood smoke • Hawaiian Lemon contains organically grown lemon and lemon extracts • Smoked Kiawe contains Hawaiian Kiawe wood smoke • Pink Diamond contains a more delicate blend—compared to Red Gold—of Hawaiian Red Alae, volcanic clay hand-selected for quality and purity.