Soul of the Sea®

Hawaii Kai Corporation

From the heart of Hawaii, comes the Soul of the Sea.

All three varietals of Soul of the Sea are the only gourmet sea salts to receive the Star Diamond Award for Outstanding Quality from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. The sea salt is freshly harvested using our breakthrough “Solar Seal” system: unspoiled water from the pristine coast of Molokai is then multi-filtered to bottled-water standards and fed into our vast arrays of food-grade solar pans. It is then slowly evaporated, sealed safe from dust, bugs, and any airborne pollutants.

Sea Salts

The result is Soul of the Sea—unquestionably the world’s finest, and most expensive, gourmet sea salt, and the basis of all Hawaii Kai sea salt products:

• Contains the full spectrum of over 80 naturally occurring ocean minerals and electrolytes.
• Contains only 81% sodium chloride (most sea salts contain over 98% sodium chloride).
• Ideal pH Balance of 9.37.

Soul of the Sea • Papohaku White Sea Salt
With its glittering, snow-white crystals, Papohaku White sea salt is aptly named for Molokai’s famed white-sand beach.It is distinguished by its evocative and complex flavor bouquet and seductively silken texture.

Soul of the Sea • Haleakala Red Sea Salt
Red Alaea clay is prized by native Hawaiians for its legendary health benefits. We extract the finest Red Alaea clay from veins between layers of lava rock, purify and refine it, then bond it to Soul of the Sea Papohaku White sea salt through our proprietary technique. This yields a palette of subtle and savory flavor notes and a uniquely shimmering, yet earthy sheen.

Soul of the Sea • Kilauea Black Sea Salt
Activated coconut shell charcoal is a proven antitoxin and digestive aid. Hawaii Kai sources only the highest-purity, highest-quality activated coconut shell charcoal available; then we bond it with Papohaku White to yield alluring taste enhancements and a dramatic, glistening appearance. As rare as a black pearl, Soul of the Sea Kilauea Black is a superb complement to even the most sophisticated recipes.