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Palm Island Premium Salts

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Palm Island Premium

Maui Onion Seasoning

Fresh, raw, legendary Maui Sweet Onions are dehydrated at Hawaii Kai’s salt farms on Molokai, the only island-based processing center for these gourmet treasures. We blend the delectable onion flakes with our Palm Island Premium White Silver sea salt to create our exclusive Maui Onion Seasoning. Now you can bring home the unique flavor of Maui, the world’s favorite island.

Ingredients: (GMO free) Premium All-Natural Sea Salt, Ultra-Premium All-Natural Hawaiian Sea Salt—including its complete spectrum of ocean trace minerals, elements, and electrolytes (Hawaii Kai Ocean Essence®), Dehydrated Onion (White Onion, Sweet Maui Onion), Sugar, Corn Starch, Rice Concentrate, Natural Flavors. no artificial flavors or colors.

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