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Hawaii Kai has hand-crafted its various sea-salt grades in consultation with industry experts, with the goal of presenting a spectrum of choices in terms of taste, texture, moisture, and price. The primary differentiating aspects between the grades are the content of sodium chloride, and the content of healthy trace minerals and electrolytes naturally present in the ocean. To learn more, click the links below:

Hawaii Kai
Bulk Products

Welcome to the world's ultra-premium salts of choice for both gourmet-food and beauty-care bulk purchasers

Handcrafted with the most rigorous attention to detail, all natural and utterly pure, Hawaii Kai salts represent the ultimate achievement in the art and science of sea salt.

Standard packaging for Hawaii Kai bulk salts is in 40 lb cartons. If requested or required, we can also pack in pallet containers.

International sales:
George Joseph
Tel: (858) 652-4400 Ext 511
Domestic sales:
Pamela Brousseau
Tel: (858) 652-4400 Ext 516
Available in all grades noted at left • standard packaging: 40 lb. cartons
HAWAIIAN WHITE SALTS in coarse and fine grinds
Compare all the grades of our all-natural Hawaiian white sea salts to any others and you'll find that the difference in purity, taste, texture, and moisture is astonishing. In addition to being extraordinary in their own right, our white salts are also the basis for our other outstanding varietals.
HAWAIIAN BLACK SALTS in coarse and fine grinds
Using the highest-quality premium activated charcoal—an antitoxin and digestive aid—we bond it to our white salts. The result? Our extraordinary black varietals, with their smoky flavor and dramatic, glistening presentation. As rare and sophisticated as a black pearl.
HAWAIIAN RED SALTS in coarse and fine grinds
Red Alaea clay is revered by native Hawaiians for its legendary health benefits. Ours is specially selected for us; we purify it and bond it to our white salts creating a palette of flavor notes and a shimmering, yet earthy sheen. Extremely popular.
HAWAIIAN PINK SALTS in coarse grind only
Our newest varietals are made through a similar process as our red salts, but with a twist—a lighter touch when bonding the Red Alaea. This not only yields a more delicate flavor bouquet, but a crystalline reflectivity that conveys a special allure.
HAWAIIAN GREEN SALTS in coarse grind only
Another unique innovation in sea-salt technology from Hawaii Kai. We bond certified organic bamboo-leaf extract—prized in southern China as a health aid—to our white salts, yielding savory varietals with abundant amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins. Enhances all types of Asian cuisine.